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Marvel Calls on Former SVP Craig Kyle to Co-Write ‘Thor 3’


Marvel Studios never ceases to amaze me with their readiness, pace and ability to stay on top of things.  They’re on track to having their Cinematic Universe saga become the highest grossing film franchise in the very near future, and the studio is non-stop releasing info on their plans for future films.
It seems like just yesterday I posted about how Captain America: The Winter Soldier directors Anthony & Joe Russo are going to return to direct Captain America 3 (oh wait, it was yesterday).

Now, it seems Marvel Studios is moving forward at their famous rapid-but-successful pace, as Variety reports that Marvel has called upon their former Senior Vice President Craig Kyle to co-write Thor 3 with his long-time collaborator Christopher Yost, who most recently did some fine-tuning on the writing for Thor: The Dark World.  Chris Hemsworth will reprise his role as Thor.


Although no plot for either Captain America 3 or Thor 3 have been announced, if creators are stepping on board for the projects in January 2014, it’s likely both films will be announced by Marvel at San Diego Comic Con 2014, along with the rest of Marvel Studios’ “Phase 3” plans for the next few years.

It also makes sense that the studio would plan to wrap up two of its earlier standalone series as trilogies, and before Avengers 3, which is likely for 2018.  With both Thor and Captain America trilogies in the books, Marvel would be able to focus on making sequels to the Hulk and Guardians of the Galaxy, as well as introducing all new characters for the post-Avengers 3 universe.

But you never know, in 2020 we could see Iron Man & Captain America back on screen, even together.

For now, it’s cool to know the gears are in motion for two new sequels.  Again, expect official announcements from San Diego Comic Con 2014 this July.

Written by Josh Sazin on January 29th, 2014, with a link to Variety.


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