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[UPDATE] Marvel Announcing A New Project on Tomorrow’s ‘The View’!


The legendary San Diego Comic Con is coming up in just under a couple weeks now, and Marvel Studios has officially announced their annual panel presentation for the evening of Saturday, July 26th.  There, the studio is expected to announce their blueprint plans for Marvel’s “Phase 3” series of movies, following Avengers: Age of Ultron.  

So far, Phase 3 will include is Ant-Man (set to hit theaters next July), Captain America 3, and Thor 3.  It has been heavily rumored that the next wave of films could also end up including Doctor Strange, a possible sequel to next month’s Guardians of the Galaxy, and the inevitable Avengers 3.  All of which will likely happen between 2015 and 2018.


Now that Marvel is under the ownership of Disney, they’ve been taking their marketing campaigns to new levels.  For instance, the lesser-known Guardians of the Galaxy got its first trailer premiered on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live back in April.  ABC being a Disney-owned channel, it makes sense.

It was announced today that Disney will be taking yet another upcoming property to ABC, and that a “thundering new title” will be announced on tomorrow’s episode of female-hosted talk show The View:

Marvel is excited to announce that on Tuesday, July 15th, at 11AM EST, it will be announcing its latest explosive title live on the Emmy-Winning, daily talk show “The View.”

Here’s what @Marvel tweeted today:


“Thundering”? A flash of lightning?…One could only imagine this is the previously-mentioned Thor 3, perhaps set for an early-2017 date.  It would make sense for the announcement to be for a new movie, as a comic or animated feature doesn’t seem to fit this kind of special announcement.

What do you think? Are you excited to hear about one of Marvel’s next films?

See the announcement on The View, tomorrow on ABC at 11:00 a.m. EST.

[UPDATE]:  What could very easily be seen as a let down, this morning’s announcement on The View was that Marvel Comics is set to reveal a new comic arc with a female Thor in the near future.  This has no ties with the Marvel Studios films, as was speculated. 

– Josh Sazin, 7/14/14


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