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Bad News: Kevin Smith Says The Weinstein Company Has Passed on ‘CLERKS 3’


Bad news today for Kevin Smith fans, as it appears that his long-awaited threequel Clerks 3 will be delayed even further.

Variety reports that Smith has told Screen Daily that The Weinstein Company, the production company that owns the rights to the series, has passed on the third installment.

“[The Weinsteins] passed,” Smith said. “I went in with a $6 million budget and they were like, ‘Oh no, Kevin. This is too high.’ Bob offered us distribution, but they weren’t going to finance it.”

Clerks II released in 2006 on a $5 million budget, and ended up bringing in a collective $26 million.  By then the sequel had gained a cult following, after Smith’s original film Clerks. hit a handful of theaters in 1994 with a tiny $27,000 budget (making $3 million).

kevin-smith-banner-1There’s no doubt that a third and final Clerks film could muster up a solid audience, especially with the successful fan base still eager for more after two decades.  It is unclear about the future of Clerks 3, but something tells me Smith will get it done sooner or later (and I’m sure it will be nothing short of hilarious).

Are you upset that Clerks 3 is being delayed even longer?  Eager to see Jay & Silent Bob on the big screen again?

In the meantime, Kevin Smith’s next film Tusk will hit theaters later this year.

– Josh Sazin, 7/7/14


3 comments on “Bad News: Kevin Smith Says The Weinstein Company Has Passed on ‘CLERKS 3’

  1. comicbookcollective
    July 9, 2014

    That’s too bad.

    • Josh the Reel Freak
      July 9, 2014

      It is, though Smith has already said it’s not the end for Clerks 3. I’m sure he can somehow find a way to get the $6mil funding, and Weinstein Co. would still distribute it. They just don’t want to spend that much on it.

  2. comicbookcollective
    July 24, 2014

    Yeah, I know he wasn’t sure about more movies at one point, but I think that is his best option, making more of what worked best for him in the past.

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