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‘Iron Man 3’ Director Shane Black to Helm New ‘Predator’ Sequel!


One of sci-fi’s most recognizable characters, Predator, hasn’t seen any time on the big screen since 2010’s Predators, directed by Nimrod Antal.  After a handful of subpar sequels over the years (including crossovers with the Alien franchise), none have stood better than the original Predator from 1987.  And with 21st Century Fox sitting on a franchise that still has a pretty strong amount of potential, you’d figure things aren’t over just yet.

Earlier this week, THR revealed that FOX is planning a reboot of the Predator franchise, and that they have tapped Iron Man 3 and Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang director Shane Black to write the treatment, as well as direct.  Fred Dekker, who collaborated with Black on the 1987 film Monster Squad, will write the script.  In addition, it was also announced that John Davis, one of the producers of the original, will also produce the new movie.


Soon after, Black reported to Collider that his crack at Predator will actually be an “inventive sequel”, rather than a complete reboot.  Perhaps better news for the franchise, knowing that we won’t be starting over again, but rather building off of the previous installments.  Here’s what Black had to say:

“[It’s not a reboot] as far as Fred and I are concerned anyway. Why start over, when you’ve all this rich mythology yet to mine? [However, I can] really get behind inventive sequels [and] the idea of expanding and exploring the existing Predator mythology, rather than hitting the restart button.”

As far as expanding on the “mythology” of the Predator series, we’re not yet sure what exactly the new movie will be about, though we can assume it will be something similar to the upcoming Jurassic World or Terminator: Genesis; both of which are building off of their franchise’s previous films as well.

Are you excited to see Shane Black & Fred Dekker take on Predator?  Fun Fact: Black had a small role in the original film in 1987 as Hawkins.

– Josh Sazin, 6/27/14


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