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Paramount Reveals ‘Star Trek 3’, ‘Transformers 5’ & More Set for 2016 Release

Star Trek (2008) Directed by: J.J. Abrams

The next few years in the world of movies should make anyone who is a fan of major franchises happy.  Between Avengers: Age of Ultron next Spring, Star Wars: Episode VII next Winter, and Justice League coming in 2017 (just to name a few); the box office is set to explode, and with it the masses of fanboys flocking to theaters across the world.

While 2015 will see new Avengers and Star Wars flicks, 2016 is arguably an even bigger year to be excited for.  Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, X-Men: Apocalypse, The Amazing Spider-Man 3, Captain America 3, Avatar 2, Planet of the Apes 3, and even the untitled first Star Wars spin-off film will all hit theaters in the same calendar year (again, just to name a few).

Think it couldn’t get any better?  At the recent CineEurope conference in Spain, THR reports that Paramount Pictures International SVP, EMEA Edward Ryan announced the studios’ plans for the next few years, with a few more surprises to add to the 2016 roster.


Ryan revealed that Paramount will release Star Trek 3, Transformers 5, G.I. Joe 3, and Hansel & Gretel 2 are all on track for 2016 release dates.  These releases will join the already-announced Beverly Hills Cop 4 and the recently pushed Paranormal Activity 5, both also set to hit theaters the same year.

Star Trek 3 has already been rumored to appear in 2016 for some time, with writer of the first two films Roberto Orci set to direct.  The release will also coincide with the long-running franchises 50th Anniversary that same year.

As for Transformers 5, while not totally surprising is still cool to see make the cut, as rumors previously hit that it would be originally slated for 2017.

Are you excited for any of the movies on Paramount’s 2016 schedule?

– Josh Sazin, 6/19/14


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