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Warner Bros. Gives ‘Ninjago’ Movie a Sept. 2016 Release Date!


Coming off of the huge (and somewhat underestimated) success of The Lego Movie earlier this year, it wasn’t long before Warner Bros. announced that a sequel would be released on May 26th, 2017.

And while a three year gap seems not-so-awesome for the masses of people who loved the first movie, it seems that Lego fans will be getting something extra in the meantime.  In a sort move similar to the upcoming Minions movie that will be released between Despicable Me 2 and 3 to tide fans over, Warner Bros. has announced that they will release a Ninjago movie in September 2016.


Ninjago is a popular line of Lego, yes, Ninjas, that have been around since 2011.  Ninjago has previously had its own television series on Cartoon Network, so it makes sense for a jump to the big-screen, especially after the money The Lego Movie so easily made.

Here’s what domestic distribution president of Warner Bros. Dan Fellman had to say:

“Following the huge success of ‘The Lego Movie,’ we are very excited to build on the Lego franchise. We know there are already Ninjago collectors who can’t wait to see their favorite characters on the big screen. This promises to be a terrifically fun and thrilling entry into our Fall 2016 slate, with broad audience appeal.”

The key here is “broad audience appeal”.  That same idea is what allowed such a wide range of age groups to enjoy The Lego Movie as much as they did.


What do you think about a Ninjago movie?  Expect it in theaters on September 23rd, 2016, and see The Lego Movie 2 on May 26th, 2017.  In the meantime, the first Lego Movie hits Blu-ray on June 17th (of this year, thank god).

Written by Josh Sazin on 5/21/14


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