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Uh-Oh. Stallone Confirms ‘Expendables 3’ Will Be Rated PG-13


When it comes to big-name action stars, a fairly unanimous agreement is that fans want to see them star in violent, hard-R flicks.  Guys like Stallone, Schwarzenegger and Willis have all made a name for themselves by bringing explosive fun to the big screen for the past few decades, and continue to do so; at times even working on the same movie.

Stallone’s The Expendables in 2010 brought together a large group of distinguished action stars for one big adventure, which featured the familiar R-rating that everyone can expect at this point from this kind of movie.  And it showed.

When The Expendables 2 hit in 2012, Stallone took fans by surprise, by stating he wanted the film to be rated PG-13 (undoubtedly a cash-grab move).  The sequel ended up being rated R anyways, with a lot of extra CGI blood and gore added in post-production.


Now it’s 2014, The Expendables 3 is due out in August, and this past weekend at Cannes Film Festival, the film was previewed and discussed by members of the vastly growing cast (now including Harrison Ford, Wesley Snipes and Antonio Banderas, among others).  Stallone made a surprising (was it really though?) announcement by saying once again that this time around, the third installment will indeed be rated PG-13.  Here’s what Sly had to say:

“We want to reach as many people as possible. It’s very close to an R, believe me, it’s right there. But I think we owe it to the next generation. We thought we’d join that club for a while.”

What you can take from here is a couple of things; 1. Sly doesn’t realize that with the first two films being Rated R, there won’t be that many people under 17 who will even know what the previous movies were for the most part.  And 2. This is the simplest way to explain to the public that he’s looking to make that much more money (however much that may or may not end up being) by decreasing the amount of profanity and strong violence true fans have come to expect and enjoy.

The Expendables 2

Stallone also took a moment to describe the tone of Expendables 3, and what we can expect to see:

“With the first one, I didn’t know which direction to go. It was experimental, more dramatic and heavier. In the second one, I think we went too far in the comedy and one liners. [For the third film] I realized we should get back to being more dramatic. When men and women know each other, there’s a kind of human comedy, not jokes, but when the action starts I don’t like to do jokes. So, I believe we finally got it right on the third one. It’s kind of like marriage.”

If you ask me, the wink-wink joking about each other is what made the 2nd movie so fun, so we’ll see how Ex-3 turns out.

What do you think about Sly’s comments?  See The Expendables 3 in theaters on August 15th.


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