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‘Prometheus’ Sequel Finds New Writer, Likely Set for 2016 Release


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In 2012, Ridley Scott released Prometheus, a prequel to the long-lived Alien franchise.  While it worked well as a standalone film for regular movie-goers, a lot of Alien fans found the movie rather disappointing, despite its’ vast scale.  Beautiful scenery, tremendous visual FX and an interesting concept were unfortunately outweighed by plot holes, a choppy script and leaving viewers with many questions on the mind.

However, Prometheus grossed $400 million worldwide, so a sequel would have definitely been in the realm of possibility.  Over the past year there has been talk that a sequel was in fact in the works, but was pushed back from a 2014 or 2015 release date when screenwriter Damon Lindelof stepped away from the sequel to work on another project, being replaced by Jake Paglen (Transcendence)  In the meantime, Scott has kept himself busy with other projects, including 2013’s The Counselor, and his upcoming epic Exodus, set to hit theaters at the end of this year.


However, it appears that the film is moving further now.  According to The Wrap, Paglen has completed his script for Prometheus 2, and that it is set to be revised by Michael Green (Green Lantern).  Green just recently collaborated with Ridley Scott on another project, an upcoming sequel to Scott’s 1982 sci-fi Blade Runner.  

So when will we see Prometheus 2?  It was recently reported that 20th Century FOX has claimed a March 4th, 2016 date for an untitled Ridley Scott film, which could make sense if Scott plans to film the sequel this Fall, as The Wrap states.

What do you think of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus sequel moving forward?

Written by Josh Sazin on 3/25/14, with a link to The Wrap.


2 comments on “‘Prometheus’ Sequel Finds New Writer, Likely Set for 2016 Release

  1. thisyearinmusic
    March 25, 2014

    I hope its good. I didn’t mind Prometheus (apart from the last 5 minutes).

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