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‘Pirates of the Caribbean 5’ Has Yet to Be Greenlit by Disney


Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise has been financially strong since 2003.  With four films in eight years, the series as grossed a worldwide $3.7 billion, though it hasn’t seen a release since 2011’s On Stranger Tides.  Last year, it was announced that the fifth installment of the franchise would be called Dead Men Tell No Tales, and was set for a Summer 2015 release.  A little while later, the date was moved to 2016 instead, and we have since heard nothing about it.

Yesterday, Disney held its annual shareholders meeting in Portland OR, where CEO Bob Iger offered an update at “Pirates 5”, however it may be one that fans of the series might not necessarily want to hear.  The update?  Dead Men Tell No Tales has yet to even see a green light from Disney.  


While this announcement may seem rather hopeless for those itching to see the next installment in the Pirates franchise, it doesn’t mean the movie has been cancelled.  Disney isn’t one for ignoring sequels that will without question make big bucks, let alone a Pirates of the Caribbean flick that will likely crack the $1 billion mark.

Odds are we will still see Pirates 5 in the near future, and 2016 isn’t out of the question, despite it waiting on Disney for the thumbs up.  Even if Disney decides to green-light the sequel a couple months from now, that still leaves two and a half years until 2016 is over.  Be hopeful, Pirates fans, I doubt Disney will let this series die out at this point.

What do you think?  Will Disney green-light Pirates 5 soon?  Are you excited to see another installment?

Written by Josh Sazin on 3/19/14


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