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‘The Incredibles 2’ is Finally in Development, according to Disney’s Bob Iger


Disney and Pixar have spent the past decade dividing their time between new projects, and sequels to their successes.  We’ve seen Toy Story 2 and 3, Monsters University, and Cars 2 so far, though a question that has been on everybody’s mind since 2004 still remains; when will Pixar give us a sequel to The Incredibles?  

Today, Disney CEO Bob Iger revealed at the company’s annual shareholders meeting in Portland OR, that Disney and Pixar are officially developing The Incredibles 2, as well as Cars 3.

While the latter may not be that exciting to most, who were a bit turned off by the critical flop in 2011 named Cars 2, Pixar fans can now rejoice at the very idea that The Incredibles 2 will be here very soon; where audiences will be able to see the continuing adventures of Pixar’s family of superheroes.  My guess is within the next five years is when it will hit theaters.


Disney/Pixar has Brad Bird-who directed the first Incredibles film- currently writing the script for the sequel.  It is unclear if he will also direct at this time.

It is pretty clear that Pixar is creating Cars 3 based on the financial success of the first two; the first bringing in $461.9 million worldwide, and the sequel $559.8 million.

What do you think about Disney finally announcing a sequel to The Incredibles and a third installment to the Cars franchise?

Written by Josh Sazin on 3/18/14


2 comments on “‘The Incredibles 2’ is Finally in Development, according to Disney’s Bob Iger

    March 18, 2014

    Looking forward to seeing the Incredibles back on the big screen. It’s my personal favorite Pixar animation and it’s also the most popular animation that has screened at our cinema. Cars – not so much.

    • jsazin
      March 19, 2014

      The first Cars was good, but Cars 2 coming a few years later? No need, whatsoever. Incredibles 2 will be around 14-15 years after the first once it actually hits theaters, so it will be a major refreshment and very popular with fans.

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