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3/10 – 3/14: A Week in Marvel Studios News


It goes without saying that Marvel Studios is just about the largest juggernaut in the film industry at this point.  The studio that created Iron Man in 2008 has since built a massive universe of intermingling movies, TV shows and short films.  Gaining more and more fans with each movie they release, Marvel is on top of the world.

2014 will see the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, which will lead right into Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to their 2012 team-up epic, next May.

So how is it exactly that Marvel Studios keeps its fans interested and always coming back for more?  It’s real simple; their consistency.  The studio is constantly releasing news, updates and announcements for their upcoming and ongoing projects, and never seem to give fans a break (though I can’t imagine why anyone would possibly want one right now).

A prime example has been this past week, where we’ve been shared with a handful of Marvel Studios updates from the studio’s president Kevin Feige, as well as the actors and actresses.  Rather than flooding Reel Freak with a bunch of short posts, I’m going to take the Marvel headlines of this past week, and give a brief rundown of each:


‘Captain America 3’ revealed for May 6th, 2016 release, takes on ‘Batman vs. Superman’
Back in January, Warner Bros. announced that its upcoming Batman vs. Superman film would move from July 2015 to May 2016.  May 6th, 2016 to be exact.  The problem with this is that Marvel Studios had already claimed that date for a release of an untitled project of their own.  THR reported that this untitled film will be Captain America 3, though it has yet to be officially confirmed, THR is a pretty reliable source.  Speculation as to whether Marvel or DC would bump their movie out of the May 6th slot in order to have a successful box office tracking, though Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige responded by telling Slash Film that “we’re certainly keeping the date”.  It looks like Marvel is standing their ground at this point.

Sebastian Stan reveals he has a Nine-picture deal with Marvel Studios
Sebastian Stan made his Marvel movie debut in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger, where he played Bucky Barnes, Steve Rogers friend/Captain America’s sidekick.  2014 will see Stan’s return to the big screen for Marvel, taking on the a starring role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.  If it’s one thing we’ve learned so far with Marvel Studios, it’s that they like to sign their actors on for multi-picture deals whenever possible.  In a recent interview with Newsarama, Stan revealed that he has a massive 9-picture deal with Marvel, which is even larger than Chris Evans’ contract.  Could this mean that we eventually see Stan’s character of Bucky/The Winter Soldier become the new Captain America? (For those of you unfamiliar with the comics, this occurs in the Death of Captain America story arc).  Either way, expect to see a lot more from Sebastian Stan in Marvel’s future.

Scarlett Johansson says her pregnancy will cause no delays for ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’
It was reported last week that Marvel Studios actress Scarlett Johansson, 29, is expecting her first child.  Oddly enough, the news come just weeks before the actress behind the Black Widow character is set to begin filming for 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Known for her stunts and action sequences, many wondered whether or not Scar-Jo’s pregnancy would effect the film’s production scheduling at all.  She recently spoke in an interview with The Huffington Post, confirming that her pregnancy will not have any effect not the schedule, calling Avengers sequel “full steam ahead” and “exactly on schedule”.  Keep in mind, a lot of her work will probably be used with a mix of herself and a stunt double, so in the end it will work out either way.  Don’t worry guys, it doesn’t seem like Scarlett is backing out after all.

doctor-strange-pinball1-doctor-strange-director-rumor-an-ominous-choiceKevin Feige offers update on ‘Doctor Strange’, describes how “Magic” concept will fit into the MCU
One of the Marvel characters fans have been itching to see make it to the big-screen is Doctor Strange.  The sorcerer certainly has a catalog of stories and themes to be told, and has tons of potential as an addition to Marvel’s Cinematic Universe.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said before that a Strange film is in the works, though nothing has been officially announced.  In a press junket for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Feige offered somewhat of an update, telling The Huffington Post that a Doctor Strange film could be probable two or three years down the line.  He also described to Badass Digest just how Strange’s all-magic theme would fit into the very modern, tech-based Marvel world.  Feige stated that a film like this “needs to be a Ditko/Kubrick/Miyazaki/The Matrix mind-trip”.  There may be an official announcement regarding a Strange film at San Diego Comic Con in July.

quicksilver-scarlet-witch-600x372-quicksilver-and-the-scarlet-witch-what-the-post-credits-tell-usKevin Feige shoots down rumors of Scarlett Witch & Quicksilver having ‘Inhumans’ origins
Two of the latest characters set to be introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe are Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver, set to make their big-screen debut together in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron.  The brother-sister duo will be played by Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson, though many are wondering what exactly their origin will be.  The problem is that, in the comics, the brother and sister are children of X-Men villain Magneto.  However, due to FOX owning the rights to X-Men characters (but Marvel Studios is able to use the two characters because of their strong involvement in Avengers titles),  Marvel Studios cannot mention anything about the two being “mutants”.  This has led to speculation that Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver could have Inhuman origins (Inhumans being a race of superhumans).  The Inhumans have also been rumored to get their shot at a film of their own in the near future, but again nothing has been confirmed.  In the press junket for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige was asked about Witch & Quick having Inhuman origins, though he shot down the rumors, saying “Only journalists today have been telling me that’s popping up online.  That’s absolutely not the case”.  Could Feige be playing coy? Or will Scarlett Witch and Quicksilver’s origin be explained in a different manner?

For more Marvel-based news, as well as other movie news, be sure to stay tuned to Reel Freak

Written by Josh Sazin on 3/16/14


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