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First ‘Sin City: A Dame To Kill For’ Teaser Hits the Web

It’s been nine years in the making, but Sin City: A Dame To Kill For will finally hit theaters this August.  In 2005, Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller delivered Sin City, based on Miller’s graphic novel series, and it gained great critical and financial acclaim.  Filmed in mostly black and white, with stylized action sequences and a gritty storyline, Sin City has since proven one of the best comic-to-film adaptations to date.

A Dame To Kill For will continue with the traits of its predecessor, following the story of another chapter in the novel series, as well as creating new story lines.  Now, the long-awaited first teaser for the sequel has hit the web, and shows off a handful of the returning cast members, including Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis and Jessica Alba; as well as new additions like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Eva Green and Josh Brolin.

Things must be looking good for Rodriguez and Miller’s sequel, as the they have already discussed a third installment to the Sin City franchise already being in early development.

Without further ado, the very first teaser trailer for Sin City: A Dame To Kill For:

What do you think of the teaser?

Sin City: A Dame To Kill For is set to hit theaters on August 22nd, directed by Robert Rodriguez and Frank Miller.


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