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Could We Still See ‘Indiana Jones’ 5 & 6?


Since the release of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull in 2008, fans of the beloved series from Lucasfilm have wondered if they would ever get another installment.  After Crystal Skull received mixed (leaning towards negative) reviews, some have suggested it be about time the franchise calls it quits.  However, aside from a bad day at the office, there is still potential for Indiana Jones to make a final comeback…..or two?

Disney recently took full control over the Indiana Jones franchise, following their buying Lucasfilm in 2012.  We also learned that certain members of the Star Wars VII crew have been signed on for seven total films- a new Star Wars trilogy, three Star Wars spinoffs, and two Indiana Jones movies.


Plus, Alan Horn, chairman of Disney, recently spoke of the potential for more Indy films, saying “We haven’t done anything…We don’t have a story.  We need a story”.  So it would make sense that after Disney’s run with Star Wars (or even during), there’s still a chance we could see the famous archaeologist/professor come back to the big screen.  But the real question is; will we see Harrison Ford return as both Han Solo and Indiana Jones?


Now, a top source from MarketSaw has reported that Ford indeed will have a future with both Star Wars and Indiana Jones:

“Regarding Harrison Ford, two more ‘Indiana Jones’ features are in the negotiation stages as per Ford’s contract clause on ‘Star Wars,’ which is the primary reason he didn’t ‘publicly’ or ‘privately’ commit, or so I’m told.”

While nothing is official here, this may make some sort of sense.  While the much-anticipated return of Ford, along with co-stars Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill, to the Star Wars franchise has been heavily implied but yet-to-be-announced, could negotiations for Indiana Jones movies be holding Disney or Ford himself back from confirming anything?

Keep in mind that Ford is currently 71 years old, and if he’s signing on for at least 3 new movies, he will be in his late 70s by the time all of these potential films are released.

What do you think about Harrison Ford wearing the famous Indy hat and whip once (or twice) more? I personally could not be more excited at the possibility.

Written by Josh Sazin on 2/27/14, with a link to MarketSaw


One comment on “Could We Still See ‘Indiana Jones’ 5 & 6?

  1. robbinsrealm
    March 3, 2014

    I grew up watching and loving both film franchises, so the child in me would be thrilled to see Ford in two more Indiana Jones movies. The adult in me, however, wishes that Ford and company had filmed “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” and parts five and six twenty years ago, so perhaps there would be talk of an Indiana Jones 7, at this point, in which Ford could pass the torch to another actor at the end of the film.

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