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HBO’s ‘Girls’ Star Adam Driver for ‘Star Wars VII’ Main Villain?


If there’s one upcoming film which fans are itching brutally for casting information, it’s Star Wars VII.  With rumors circulating the possibility of Gary Oldman and Benedict Cumberbatch starring in the film, as well as the original trilogy’s trio cast of Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher; nothing has been officially announced yet.

Production for the film has recently been said to start up in May, which means that we’re that much closer to hearing Disney/Lucasfilm announce the cast of actors and actresses that we will see appear in the latest Star Wars installment.

Now, Variety reports that Star Wars VII may have found the actor behind its main villain.  Sources have told Variety that, while nothing has been officially announced, Adam Driver, star of the HBO series Girls, is very close to signing on to play a main villain of Star Wars VII.  While other details are unknown, it is said that the villain in the film is somewhere “in the vein of iconic ‘Star Wars villain Darth Vader”.


While J.J. Abram’s take on the vastly successful Star Wars franchise is in the early stages of development, I find faith in his choices so far, apparently re-writing the script to fit in Harrison Ford, Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to play major roles in Episode VII, as well as describing the use of practical effects and costumes, instead of choosing to go all-CGI.  And while Adam Driver may not be a well-known actor, what better way to catch a big break than by starring in one of the greatest franchises of all time?

For now, I’m optimistic about this report.  While it’s not yet official, and since I haven’t seen the show Girls, from interviews I’ve watched following this news, I can see him playing a more dark, mysterious role.  But again, all of this remains to be seen.

What do you think of the rumored casting of Adam Driver for Star Wars VII? 

Written by Josh Sazin on 2/26/14, with a link to Variety


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