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J.J. Abrams Describes Secrecy Behind ‘Star Wars VII’


Whether you’re optimistic or pessimistic about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, it’s hard to admit you’re not looking forward to its release.  J.J. Abrams, who recently rebooted the classic Star Trek franchise, is at the helm of the long-awaited Episode VII, and there is an undoubted notion of anticipation as to whether Abrams will do the space saga justice or not.
While most distributors, cast and crew today reveal most details about their films to the public before they’re released, Star Wars VII is going in the opposite direction, and is keeping almost everything under wraps (for now).  We have no idea of the plot, script, cast or characters, and apparently Abrams is glad to keep things hidden from fans for the time being.  He recently spoke with Telegraph about how sometimes anticipation is a good thing:

“We were trying to preserve the unexpected for the audience, but it came across as if we were trying to be too clever… Star Wars is in every way a different animal. It’s always been a more open, fan-engaged universe than I’ve been used to, so I’m sure there’ll be some sort of compromise. But it feels to me like there’s a purity in not knowing every little thing.”

“We’re living in a moment of instant information and a sense of entitlement to that information… But I think it’s nice to remember that there’s nothing wrong with a sense of anticipation.”

With a December 2015 release date on the horizon, production for the film will probably start-up in the Spring or Summer of this year, which means we could actually learn some useful information regarding the film sooner than later.  And honestly, I’m really digging all the anticipation for now, with just rumors and hearsay to be excited at.
But what do you think? Is keeping the details of a blockbuster film buried a good idea? Or is it better to at least release some info on the film?

Star Wars Episode VII is set to hit theaters on December 18th, 2015, directed by J.J. Abrams.

Written by Josh Sazin on January 27th, 2014, with a link to Telegraph.


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