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Five Marvel Characters I Want to see in the Cinematic Universe

If you read Reel News & Reviews on the regular, you can probably tell that superhero flicks are some of my favorite.  Especially when it comes to Marvel Studios’ Cinematic Universe.  The studio is doing a great job with introducing minor characters from decades of Marvel comics, and have been doing it in a way that is beyond enjoyable, but at the same time always leaves me wanting more.

With some cool characters inbound, including Ant-Man, Falcon, Scarlett Witch, Quicksilver, Deathlok and Baron Von Strucker, Marvel Studios is reaching deep into their archives to bring forth some of the most beloved comic book characters.  I wanted to take the time to list a few Marvel characters (ones that are owned by Marvel Studios), who I’d like to see in future films:

1.) Red Hulk 


Alright, so the last time we saw any side adventures of Bruce Banner/Hulk was in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk.  Since the release of Marvel’s The Avengers, with Mark Ruffalo starring as the scientist/monster combo, everybody has been itching for another Hulk solo installment.  Remember William Hurt portraying General Ross in that flick?  For those of you who don’t know, in the comics the General is transformed into Red Hulk (basically red instead of green) in order to fight the Banner/Hulk himself.   It would make a great character arc for a sequel, and if I remember correctly, I think Marvel Studios may have signed Hurt on for two movies (but I could be mistaken).  How awesome would Green vs. Red be?

2.) Black Panther


Black Panther is a hero from South Africa, more specifically the fictional nation of Wakanda.  If the name Wakanda doesn’t sound familiar, a little fun fact is of Marvel continuity is that this is the location where Vibranium, the extremely rare metal that makes up Captain America’s shield, is found.  In the comics, Black Panther has been a member of the Avengers team from time to time, and has grown a strong fan base among Marvel readers.  Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has said that a Black Panther film has been in the works for a while now, but they just need to find the right time to fit the character into the ongoing franchise.  I wouldn’t be surprised if he is introduced after Avengers 3 in 2018, but it would be awesome if he’s brought into the cinematic universe even sooner.

3.) Beta Ray Bill


At first glance, this character may look like Thor with a beak.  And you’d be right to make that comparison.  In Marvel comics, Beta Ray Bill is introduced as a monster who unexpectedly becomes a hero.  He is deemed worthy of Thor’s hammer Mjolnir, and after becoming rivals with Thor to decide who should wield the hammer, Beta Ray Bill is given a hammer similar to Mjolnir, and becomes Thor’s ally.  Now, for a film, this may seem like one of the more far-fetched characters to bring in, unless he played a major role in Thor 3.  But he is still a cool, fun character who I think could benefit from some more recognition.

4.) Black Bolt


It has been rumored for a little while now that an Inhumans movie could be part of Marvel Studios’ future.  The Inhumans are a race of super-humans in Marvel Comics, and their leader’s name is Black Bolt.  Black Bolt is a superhuman whose power is his voice.  How?  When he speaks, it creates a pitch so powerful, it can level an entire city.  I would love to see an Inhumans movie.  With Guardians of the Galaxy getting their own flick this summer, why not?  They have a lot to do with the Kree and Skrull alien races, which I would also love to see be shown in the cinematic universe.

5.) Nova

MvC3-NovaNova/Richard Rider is a member of an intergalactic police force known as Nova Corps.  Actually in Guardians of the Galaxy will introduce the Nova Corps, but not yet the character of Richard Rider/Nova.  I think Guardians could tease and later introduce Nova, and maybe even give him a spin-off film.  His suit is rad, his character is awesome, and I could definitely see him teaming up with the Guardians team in the future. 

So, these are just some of the characters who I hope one day appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.  Have any other additions to the list? Sound off in the comments below and let me know your picks!

Written by Josh Sazin on January 25th, 2014


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