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Marvel’s ‘Ant-Man’ Takes Original ‘Batman vs. Superman’ Date

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One of the biggest stories in movie news last week was DC’s decision to move their upcoming Batman vs. Superman blockbuster back almost a full year from July 2015 to May 2016.  While it has made people scratch their heads, I easily came to terms that, while the waiting period is even longer, by all means take another year if the outcome is a great film.

One of the more controversial outcomes of this date change had to do with the fact that the new Batman vs. Superman date is more specifically May 6th, 2016.  Why is this controversial?  Because Marvel Studios has already claimed that date for an untitled project for Phase 3 of their Cinematic Universe.  There has been a lot of speculation as to which film will budge from the May 6th spot, because obviously two blockbusters going head-to-head the same weekend is just a mess for both parties involved.

All the while, this leaves a vacancy for the abandoned July 17th, 2015 release date that Bats vs. Supes left behind.  Now, it seems like Marvel Studios is making headlines yet again.  Variety reports that Marvel has switched the July 31st, 2015 date of their upcoming Ant-Man film, for that very July 17th spot.


While the date change is a mere two weeks, I don’t think Ant-Man would have done any better or any worse if it had stuck with its July 31st spot.  It will now be going up against Warner Bros. film Pan, which filled their July 17th spot following Batman vs. Superman‘s swap.  Even so, I don’t think it will have much of an effect at all with the amount of money Marvel Studios makes off of Ant-Man.  

This is why I like this news:

  • It shows that Marvel Studios is not afraid to play a game of “release date chess” with other studios.  DC moves their film, Marvel takes advantage by making it known they’re taking over that vacant spot.
  • All of this news regarding Ant-Man, whether it be casting or a date change, is really upping the hype of the lesser-known super hero.
  • In regards to the first point, maybe this is a territory call from Marvel.  DC decided to slip Batman vs. Superman into May 6th, 2016 when Marvel already has a film due that same day.  Maybe this means that Marvel Studios is willing to stand their ground, wait for Comic Con ’14 to announce that film as Thor 3 (a box office-successful franchise) and force DC to bump Bats vs. Supes to June or July 2016 so that neither film loses money.  After all, Marvel has owned that first weekend in May for the past decade.

So what do you guys think of Marvel’s bold move to fill the spot Batman vs. Superman left behind?

Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man is set to hit theaters July 17th, 2015, directed by Edgar Wright, and starring Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas.

Written by Josh Sazin on January 23rd, 2014, with a link to Variety.


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