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Oscar Noms – 5 Major Snubs

The list of 2014 Academy Award nominees is out, and a lot of brilliant films are getting the recognition they deserve.  Leading the list are American Hustle and Gravity with 10 nominations each, as well as 12 Years a Slave with 9 nominations.  While the voters’ choices were very agreeable this year, there are a few films that were surprisingly snubbed, but which I think deserved to be nominated for one, if not multiple categories.

I’ve listed out the five films/actors/actresses whose absence from the nominees list is a bit of a shock.

1.  Ron Howard’s Rush


It’s hard to process when a film is nominated for two Golden Globes, especially for Best Picture and Best Supporting Actor, and then completely snubbed at the Oscars.  Well, that’s what happened to Ron Howard’s phenomenal biographical sports thriller Rush.  Rush was an overall incredible picture, filmed beautifully and telling a great story of two racing rivals.  These rivals are portrayed by Chris Hemsworth and Daniel Bruhl, who gave stellar performances.  Like I said, the film was nominated for Best Drama Picture at the Golden Globes, and Daniel Bruhl got a much-deserved nomination for Best Supporting Actor.  As I recall the sound effects/mixing was also pretty great, especially during the big racing scenes, though that was forgotten as well.  I just can’t see how Rush didn’t get a single Oscar nod.

2.) Michael B. Jordan in Fruitvale Station


Another big surprise for me, as well as many this year is Michael B. Jordan’s performance in the drama Fruitvale Station.  Snubbed completely by the Golden Globes, and now the Oscars as well, Michael B. Jordan has gone unnoticed.  His performance in the film was remarkable, and although the Best Actor category is already pretty tight, I still think Jordan should have at least gotten a Golden Globe nod.  It really makes you wonder when performances like this are snubbed, and while it may have something to do with the fact that it was released back in July, and not part of the awards season hype, it’s still a little odd for such a great performance to be forgotten just months later.

3.) Tom Hanks in Captain Phillips


If you enjoyed Captain Phillips as much as critics (and myself), it’d be difficult to complain about how much appraise it is getting now that award season is underway.  With four Golden Globe nominations and now an impressive six Oscar noms, it’s one of the more popular films of the season.  However, Tom Hanks was snubbed for his starring performance in the film, which he earned one of those Golden Globe nods for.  Barkhad Abdi is up for Best Supporting Actor, and is deserving of the nod, though I  think it’s a bit strange that Hanks isn’t nominated for Lead.  Again, the Best Lead Actor list is already well-rounded with five other incredible performances, though I think if there were a sixth choice, Hanks would be there.

4.) Pixar’s Monsters University


Usually Pixar’s films sit high atop the category of Best Animated Feature.  A majority of them have won as well.  This year, Pixar’s Monsters University went completely unnoticed at both the Academy Awards and the Golden Globes.  It is the first Pixar feature to not receive a single nomination for either award show, and only the second film of theirs to not receive an Oscar nod (the only other being 2011’s Cars 2).  While Pixar films are personal favorites of mine, it’s difficult to see such a studio who is known for delivering fantastic work every year finally get completely snubbed.  The biggest kicker is the fact that it didn’t even make the Golden Globes list for Best Animated Feature, which only had 3 other nominees!

5.) Emma Thompson in Saving Mr. Banks 

Emma Thompson’s role as P. L. Travers in Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks is yet another instance of someone who was nominated for a Golden Globe for their role, but then forgotten come time for the Oscars.  Thompson’s role as the agitated Travers in the movie was enjoyable, while we see her character’s personality get dissected when she has flashbacks about her past.  Her performance was great, and its’s sad to see her missing from the list of Best Actress nominees.  Instead, Saving Mr. Banks is up for Best Original Score, and nothing else.  (Perhaps Meryl Streep is up for Best Actress due to being such a vintage name, but I haven’t seen August: Osage County and won’t “completely” judge).  

An honorable mention that came to mind was: Why didn’t Pacific Rim get a nomination for Best Visual Effects, while The Lone Ranger did?  I can’t wrap my head around that….

Those are my Oscar rants for the year.  I hope you were able to find them agreeable, but it’s all about opinion.  Overall though, I’m content with the list of nominees, and am looking forward to the 86th Academy Awards.

Written by Josh Sazin on January 17th, 2014


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