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How an ‘Agent Carter’ TV series would Need to Happen


Over the past year, there have been rumors circulating that Marvel may be developing a TV series based on Agent Carter. Agent Carter was a Marvel one-shot released on the Iron Man 3 Blu-ray in 2013, starring Hayley Atwell as Agent Peggy Carter, following the events of her role in 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger. Atwell said earlier in 2013 that she would be interested in doing a television series.

Now, rumors are spreading once again that suggest this is what we jut might see.

I think that an Agent Carter TV series has a lot of potential for success in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe (MCU). However, this is only possible if correctly utilized. There are several steps and precautions that Marvel Studios will need to take in order to pull-off series based on one supporting character.  What does Marvel need to do in order to make this work?

Should an Agent Carter show happen?

Yes.  With Marvel Studios’s plans of expanding their CU to television, it’s time they come up with some more original ideas. While not everybody may who Peggy Carter is, I think that it could be a beneficial series to those who do. I really enjoyed Atwell’s performance in The First Avenger, and think that the Agent Carter One-Shot really furthered the possibility of going more in-depth with her character. The show could have supporting roles from other previously-shown characters, as well as reintroducing concepts that never got to be fully explained because the first film was a Captain America origin story.


Why Agent Peggy Carter?

Why not?  If Marvel Studios is looking to keep making television series, it is totally fine to turn the spotlight back to characters from the past. I think that a World War II-era series could be very popular, as it was in The First Avenger. But when you think about it, Peggy Carter is pretty much the only character from that film who is capable of getting an expansion.  Hayley Atwell is a gorgeous actress with a really good amount of talent, who could easily draw viewers if she gets a starring role.

I’ve heard a lot of people saying how they want to see more from the Howling Commandos, who played a part in the film. In the comics, the leader of the Howling Commandos team is Sgt. Nick Fury, who, in the MCU, would have a bit of a continuity issue if he appeared in World War II as well as present day. Without Fury, you’d have a group of soldiers running around doing god knows what without any real character focus. However, with a show starring Agent Carter, it’s definitely possible we could see the Commandos making several appearances anyways.

What it needs to focus on?

If this series ends up happening, it needs to utilize its time, material and budget in order to be a success. One of the problems with Marvel’s currently airing series Agents of SHIELD is that the writing is pretty subpar. It seems to progress a bit each week, but it’s a slow process, and may end up leading to its downfall if it doesn’t make a quick improvement. If an Agent Carter series is in fact being worked out right now, Marvel needs to take their time writing it.

What I want to see from this series is the reintroduction of HYDRA; a terrorist organization that was highlighted in The First Avenger, which was not fully explained and left a lot of questioning of whether or not we’d see it again. Agent Carter would be a perfect way to bring this back to light, and could bring a lot of villains, plot points and other characters to the table.


What it needs to avoid?

It goes without saying that Marvel Studios needs to avoid rushing a project like this. There isn’t anything that a series like this needs to tie-together quickly, taking place in the 1940’s. I think that another misfire with Agents of SHIELD is the fact that they wanted it to air so soon that they threw together whatever they could in order to meet a date that pleased fans, rather than making them wait.
I would have no problem with Marvel taking another year to do this right, and releasing a solid television series in late 2015. If time is what it needs to be a success, then so be it.

Like I said, I think a lot of potential lies within an Agent Carter series, but only if it is done right. I’m always open to what Marvel has in mind for upcoming and possible projects, and will am not quick to judge about much that they offer up. What do you guys think; is an Agent Carter series a good idea? Sound off in the comments with your opinion below.

Written by Josh Sazin on January 3rd, 2014


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