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The Alphabet Movie Meme

I found this post recently through a blog I follow, I found that it was originally created by Katy from The Drama Llama.  What it is, is basically there’s a set of questions or fill-in answers, each one starting with a different letter of the alphabet (A-Z).  Figured I’d give it a go, for fun and also for readers to get to know me.  Here we go!

Anticipating Movie of 2014


The movie I’m looking forward to most in 2014 is Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.  When I first heard that they were making a GotG movie, especially as part of their Cinematic Universe, I didn’t know much about them.  I had heard of Rocket Raccoon before, but had only heard the name of the group in passing.  Since then I’ve read the 2008 comic series that the film is based off of, and I fell in love.  I can’t wait to see this portrayed on screen, and it’s got a great cast, and a great story to work off of.  I’m super excited, and I can’t wait for it to be August 1st.

Book Adaption I’d Love to See


Alright, I’m going to completely acknowledge but ignore the fact that the book Eragon was adapted to film in 2006.  I’ll forgive them, because I think that it’s a salvageable franchise.  The Inheritance series, written by Christopher Paolini, was one of my favorite things to read as a pre-teen.  And because I loved it so much, seeing the movie was pretty disappointing.  If say, five years down the line, they decide to reboot the franchise and make all four books into movies, with modern CGI and a lot better writing; I’d be more than happy to give it another shot.

Celebrity I’d Most Like to Meet


My favorite actor is Robert Downey Jr.  He has a remarkable story regarding his fall to drug use, later to rise up and become one of most beloved actors of the past 5 years.  Known most recently as Tony Stark, Sherlock Holmes, as well as roles in movies like Tropic Thunder, The Soloist, Zodiac & Due Date, he is arguably one of the most likable actors in Hollywood.   He’s so funny, caring and personal in real life, and I would love the chance to just shake his hand and tell him I appreciate what he does.

Dream Director/Actor Pairing


A pairing that I thought of when going over this question would be for actor Edward Norton to be part of a Quentin Tarantino film.  I think that Norton can be very good when it comes to gritty thrillers, but also has a humorous side, which is just what Tarantino movies are essentially.  I think this would be a great duo.

Essential Classic Film


My favorite film of all time, Star Wars (1977) is a very essential piece of film history.  From Lucasfilm, Star Wars was one of the most groundbreaking films of its time.  Since then it has spawned 2 sequels, a trilogy of prequels, and starting in 2015 will begin a new trilogy of sequels.  One of the most popular film franchises of all time, it’s no wonder that Star Wars, fan or not, should  at least give the original a try.

Favorite Film Franchise


Although Star Wars is my favorite film, my favorite film franchise as a whole is Marvel’s ongoing Cinematic Universe.  Known as the MCU, it has so far delivered eight feature films, four films officially scheduled, and has been officially stated to be planned through 2021.  And that’s just so far!  The series is consistent, extremely entertaining, and brings to life some of the most beloved characters.

Genre I Watch the Most


More often than not I find myself watching movies belonging to the Action genre.  What can I say?  They’re exhilarating, fun, entertaining and a lot of them are instant classics.  Nowadays, action films are the highest-grossing films being made.  With high budgets and a lot of special effects, it’s hard to turn your eye from movies including the James Bond franchise, superhero films, Fast & Furious, the films of Quentin Tarantino, and a whole lot more.  Easily my favorite movie genre.

Hidden Gem


One of the most underrated movies of the past five years, in my opinion, is Fanboys (2009).  Directed by Kyle Newman and starring Dan Fogler, Jay Baruchel, Sam Huntington, Kristen Bell, Chris Marquette and a slew of cameo appearances, Fanboys takes place in 1998, following the story of 5 childhood friends who journey cross-country to Lucas Ranch in California.  There, they plan to sneak in and watch Episode I: The Phantom Menace before one of them dies of cancer.  It is a touching and hilarious film, and got to me personally because of my love for the Star Wars franchise.  It is filled with references only movie nerds will understand, and was originally a film festival movie, only briefly making its way to theaters.  Luckily I got to see it the week that it was showing locally, and I fell in love.  I currently watch it at least 3 or 4 times a year, and it’s one of my favorite movies aside from the SW franchise itself.

Important Moment in My Film Life 

revenge 1

Looking back, I have to say the most important movie moment in my life was seeing Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith in theaters.  While my Dad had taken me to see Attack of the Clones when that came out, Revenge of the Sith is what really got me into the franchise.  They are some of my favorite movies to this day, and I was absolutely obsessed with it as a kid.  I had all the action figures, video games, clothes, etc.  And I regret none of it.  Revenge of the Sith launched me into loving Star Wars, as well as appreciating films and going to the movie theater.

Just Right for a Rainy Day


Argo was a fantastic movie.  Fantastic enough that it won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 2013.  If I remember correctly, I think I did see this in theaters on a rainy day.  The film delivers a perfect amount of character, suspense and story to keep you watching.  I think this would be a great movie to settle in for the day at home and eat some popcorn with.

Kiddie Movie I Still Shamelessly Enjoy


I don’t really put down kids movies, even nearing 20 years old.  I feel like a lot of movies aimed towards kids, especially animated films, can be enjoyed just as much by adults.  But I did however, grow up on Toy Story.  Pixar’s first feature length film, it still stands as one of my favorite movies to date.  I’ll watch it whenever it’s on, and still have my original Woody doll.  Flawless filmmaking!

Location I’d Most Like to Visit


Who doesn’t recognize this spot?  Well, if you don’t, it’s the famous outside-shot of the coffee shop frequently visited by the characters in the sitcom Seinfeld.  It’s not a magical place, it’s probably not anyone’s top choice, but I’d love to visit it in NY someday and get my picture taken outside.  The inside was an original set used for the show, but most episodes featured a shot of the actual restaurant from outside when starting a scene set there.  Just a really cool little piece of fandom.

Marathon I First Attended


The first movie marathon that I attended (I’m assuming this means at a theater?) was AMC Theater’s “Thorsday” Thor Marathon.  For $25 I saw Thor, The Avengers, and the premiere of Thor: The Dark World.  As a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, this was a must for me.   It was a great day at the theater, surrounded by Marvel fans.

Netflix Movie I Actually Watched


Woah woah woah, so this sounds like an assumption that Netflix content is bad?  I always find something on Netflix to watch, and have a current subscription.  Sure, the streaming version of the account doesn’t have as much as the DVD rental option, but there’s still a good selection.  One movie I remember finding and watching on Netflix was The Boondock Saints.  I really enjoyed the movie and probably never would’ve watched it if not for getting around to it on Netflix.

One Movie I Saw in Theaters More than 5x


Marvel’s The Avengers.  I’ve seen it 5 times in theaters (including a later Marvel marathon) and it’s the most I’ve seen one movie in theaters.  It is one of my favorite films to date, and was well worth the multiple prices of admission.

Preferred Place to Watch a New Movie (Theater or Home)


I have a love-hate relationship with watching movies at both home and theaters.  On one hand, theaters are very focus-oriented.  I get to concentrate well on the movie, without distractions like my phone or computer to take constant breaks with.  However, in theaters you also have to have the right crowd.  Some are annoying, but sometimes they are perfectly quiet and attentive.  At home, for the reasons above, I dislike watching them here.  I end up taking several breaks to check this or that, to get food and everything, that sometimes a movie will take 2 or even 3 sittings to finally finish.  So overall, I’d say theaters.

Quote That Inspires Me


The famous phrase of fictional teenage hero Ferris Bueller.  “Life moves pretty fast.  If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”  What can I say? It’s a great quote with great meaning.

Remake (Friend or Foe?)

Book and Movie Covers

Some work, some don’t.  I’m all up for a remake of a movie, or reboot of a character.  However, some older franchises just. don’t. need. to. be. touched.  Good example of a bad remake: Clash of the Titans.  Good example of a great remake/reboot: The Amazing Spider-Man.  It all depends on how they go about reintroducing whatever it is they’re making.  One remake/reboot I’m looking forward to is 2014’s RoboCop.  This is a great 80’s action film that, with modern technology and effects, could really benefit and bring a lot of fans to the theater.

Snack I Enjoy Most


It’s not on purpose, but every time I go to the movies, I’ve grown accustomed to always buy Cookie Dough Bites.  You could say they’re my favorite movie snack.

Twist that Boggled My Mind


All of Inception.  It is one huge twist, or rather….just mind-boggling in general.  I love Christopher Nolan’s filmmaking and think his original work is brilliant.  But the ending, as well as the plot itself, is full of twists and turns.

Unapologetic Fanperson For:


What can you say about Jennifer Lawrence?  She’s one of today’s brightest, most original actresses.  She’s extremely beautiful, very talented and not afraid to be herself, even on Live TV.  She’s been my Hollywood crush for a couple years now, and I’ll see anything she’s in.

Very Excited For Award Show Season?


This year? Yes!  I don’t normally get around to seeing most of the movies that are up for awards, but this year I’ve seen a pretty good amount!  I’ll be rooting this season for sure.

Wish I Never Watched…


IMDB Rating: 1.8/10 – Enough said.

XXX Movie I Watched At A Really Young Age
(R or NC-17!)


I never really watched any XXX movies as a kid, but when I was 14 I did watch Fritz the Cat, which was my first X-Rated movie.  That was somethin else.

Your Latest Movie-Related Obsession


I’ll be honest.  As much as I absolutely adore the Marvel Cinematic Universe, I’ve been dumbstruck by the anticipation for Batman Vs. Superman and DC’s upcoming crack at a Cinematic Universe.  Man of Steel was awesome, and I’ve been reading up on a lot of characters that may be introduced in the movie series.  I’m really excited about it!

(name a movie that has put you to sleep)


Don’t get me wrong; Star Trek is a phenomenal franchise.  I love watching the shows and movies whenever they’re on TV, or if I feel like watching on my own.  The older movies are terrific, but are just so quiet and dramatic, that, watching them late at night?  Forget it.

Well, that was pretty entertaining and time-consuming!

Written by Josh Sazin on December 30th, 2013.


4 comments on “The Alphabet Movie Meme

  1. movieprescription
    December 31, 2013

    Star Wars is the BEST! and I feel bad for Edward Norton being replaced by Mark even though I think Marks hulk is better. I havent seen him in a film since the Incredible Hulk, where is he at?

    • jsazin
      December 31, 2013

      Star Wars IS awesome! And I actually prefer Ruffalo as Banner and I think Norton was good but wasn’t the right fit. And he hasn’t been in much since Hulk but he was in Moonrise Kingdom & The Bourne Legacy, which both came out last year and he was good in both!

      • movieprescription
        December 31, 2013

        I ment to say I like Mark better as both Hulk and Banner. I just feel bad because if Norton was still the Hulk his career would havent taken a major boost. Maybe he should start looking for a DC superhero to audition for. I was meaning to see The Bourne legacy but didnt get around to it and I think Moonrise Kingdom also stars Bruce willis? not sure have to check it out.

      • jsazin
        December 31, 2013

        Oh yeah, well then we both agree haha. But that’s actually not a bad idea whatsoever. I could definitely see Norton in the DCU, even if it’s a villain (though he could make for a good gritty hero too). Good idea! And yes Moonrise Kingdom has Bruce Willis & Bill Murray as well it’s a great film, definitely check it out.

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